17th April 2011


ADVA FSP 2000 gains the mere network order of British Telecom

12/1/2009,ADVA mere network company claims to gain the mere network equipment order that British Telecom inserted the business segments Openreach. FSP2000DWDM apparatus of ADVA will support Openreach OSA business in all parts of Britain. the broadband connection between very high bipunctate of this business support, is suitable for the application of WAN and SAN. British Telecom shows there can be telecommunications service of competitive price that all-round sum is reliable in their client requirement. The reason why choose FSP2000 apparatus of ADVA to introduce the business fast in order to meet the customer, offer much speed, the requirement of many agreement business. Since putting out on January 1 this year, OSA business supports many kinds of customer’s agreements and interface on 2.5G and 10G speed, support data mirror image of 35 kilometers and protect at most.

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